Coming soon – we will be offering a variety of on-line live and self-directed workshops, group therapy and courses. Please view the latest in our upcoming e-courses.

This is a 6-module on-line workshop series & vibrant learning community. This course includes group supervision on effective use of self and nurturing work-life balance in your psychotherapy practice. Dates: coming soon

This 8 week on-line self-directed workshop series introduces participants to evidenced based practices to foster a greater sense of wellbeing and joy. Included in this series are movement/yoga videos, mindfulness practices and psychoeducation on resilience and happiness. Dates: coming soon

Online Workshop Series and Group Therapy for Young Adults who are figuring out “All-The-Adulting-Things” while trying to create a healthy relationship with themselves and others.

This workshop includes DBT and mindfulness, psychoeducation on boundary and value setting as well as managing confrontation and leaning into growth. Dates coming soon.

Online Workshop and Group Therapy Series: Managing and recovering from care-giver burnout. This 6-week live-workshop series is for any adult struggling with the impacts of burnout from caring for others. Each 90-minute session will include psychoeducation on burnout, mindfulness and movement practices as well as skills and tools for burnout recovery. Dates coming soon.

Online Workshop Series: Nurturing online supportive circle for women who are navigating the early years of motherhood while trying to figure out who they are and what they really want. Dates coming soon.

Online Workshop Series: Yoga and mindfulness for anxiety management. This six-week series is geared towards adults struggling with the impacts of anxiety and stress. Each 90-minute session
Includes anxiety related psychoeducation, mindfulness practices and yoga practices geared towards anxiety management. Dates coming soon.