FAQs Therapy

Each therapy session is 50 minutes in length for individual sessions. Our group sessions are 90 minutes long. The number of sessions a client may need varies on an individual basis. 

Some clients only require a minimal number of sessions and others may continue to work with their therapist over an extended period of time. The frequency of sessions as well as the period of time you participate in therapy can be discussed with your therapist.

A doctor’s referral is not required to begin sessions with a registered psychotherapist. 

After your initial phone consultation and you have completed the initial intake form, you will book your initial session. Our services are strictly confidential. During this first session the therapist will:

  • Go over informed consent and the limits of confidentiality
  • Provide a detailed assessment of current mental health
  • Discuss objectives and goals of therapy
  • Review treatment options based on presenting problems

Medical doctors and psychiatrists are the only counsellors that are covered by OHIP in Ontario. However, we are covered by most employee benefit packages which cover the services of a Registered Psychotherapist. 

If you do not have third party insurance, services provided by Registered Psychotherapists are tax deductible under medical expenses on your annual tax return. Further information can be found on the CRA website listed under CRA:Authorized Medical Practitioners.

Each therapist offers a free initial consultation. Please call or email to request a call back.

We offer virtual psychotherapy sessions via a secure online video-calling platform to all of Ontario.

We accept credit card, e-transfer and cash payments. Simple Practice software makes credit card payments simple.

What are your Fees?

Registered Psychotherapist/ Clinical Supervisor

Individual 50 (min) $185.00
Couples/Family 75 (min) $250.00

*All prices include HST

Registered Psychotherapists:

Individuals 50 (min) $170.00

Couples/Family 75 (min) $230.00

*All prices include HST

Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying)

Individuals 50 (min) $160.00

Couples/Family 75 (min) $230.00

*All prices include HST

Graduate Interns in Supervised Practice:

Individuals 50 (min) $150.00

Sliding Scale Available

Couples/Family 75 (min) $190.00

*All prices include HST

Group Psychotherapy:

90-minute DBT-Based Therapy, Yoga & Meditation Program
Maximum 8 Participants
$75 per session, 8 week commitment

*All prices include HST