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Trauma Care

Our dedicated team creates a safe and nurturing environment for clients to explore and heal from their traumatic experiences, fostering deep and lasting recovery. At The Therapy Collective we understand the profound impact trauma can have on your life. Our approach is rooted in compassion, professionalism, and a deep commitment to helping you navigate through the challenges you face.

More than talk therapy.

Our approach

We offer a holistic approach to therapy, integrating trauma informed psychodynamic, yoga therapy, somatic therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, EMDR and Emotion-Focused Therapy, to address PTSD, complex trauma, and acute trauma symptoms.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a structured method that helps individuals process and heal from traumatic experiences by using guided eye movements to reduce the emotional impact of distressing memories.


Yoga therapy and somatic therapy both emphasize the mind-body connection, using physical postures, breathwork, and body-centered techniques to help individuals process and release stored trauma and emotional distress.


Emotion-Focused and psychodynamic therapy involve exploring deep emotional experiences and patterns from the past to help individuals understand and heal from their traumatic experiences.

Trauma is a response to a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, causing feelings of helplessness, fear, and loss of control. It is not just the event itself, but how someone experiences and processes it, affecting their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Are you experiencing…

Feeling Overwhelmed by Emotions: Trauma can often leave you feeling like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Our therapy sessions provide a safe space where you can learn to understand and manage these intense emotions effectively.

Difficulty Trusting Others: Trust can be significantly impacted by traumatic experiences. We work with you to rebuild your sense of safety in relationships and develop healthier, trust-based connections.

Persistent Anxiety and Stress: Living with trauma can mean living in a constant state of alertness. We employ techniques to help you find peace, reduce anxiety, and regain control over your stress responses.

Impact on Personal Relationships and Professional Roles: Trauma can strain personal relationships and hinder your performance as a caregiver or professional. We help you cultivate resilience and improve interpersonal skills, ensuring you maintain healthy relationships and fulfill your roles effectively.