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Performance & Sport Psychology

Offering specialized mindset development programs for high performance athletes, sports clubs, associations, performance companies, and teams.

Sports Psychology

What we offer

Customized Groups

Our Specially trained workshop facilitators deliver support for peak performance through our highly acclaimed group programs. Our group workshops target topics critical for high performance such as mindfulness and resilience, performance anxiety and stress as well as topics specific to the needs of the team, club or association. To learn more click here

One on One Coaching

Our Registered psychotherapist specializing in sport performance offers custom individual sessions or click here for more information on our Specialized mental skills training program.

Currently working with athletic teams and sports clubs & associations in Halton Region, Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton and Guelph and serving all of Ontario Virtually.

​​Elevate Your Competitive Edge with Mental Performance Training

Mindset and Mental

Our specialized program equips you with robust psychological tools to build your mental toughness and foster a growth mindset. Strategies learned help athletes to thrive under pressure, bounce back from setbacks, and manage stressful situations to maintain focus.

Advanced Psychological Techniques

Our program integrates cutting-edge psychological skills training to boost your athletic performance. Help athletes with goal setting, visualization, and refining concentration techniques. These techniques can also foster Improvement in decision-making speed and accuracy.

Customized Support for Peak Performance

Our Registered Psychotherapist will create a personalized mental conditioning plan that aligns with your specific sports requirements and personal ambitions. Whether you’re overcoming personal hurdles or aiming for a new personal best, our tailored evidence based support is here to help.

Extensive research shows that mental training is just as crucial as physical preparation. Studies have demonstrated that athletes who engage in mental performance training, such as goal setting, visualization, and stress management, often outperform those who focus solely on physical aspects. This training enhances focus, reduces performance anxiety, and helps athletes manage the pressures of competition effectively. By incorporating psychological strategies, athletes can improve their ability to respond to in-game situations with greater agility and confidence.

What Coaches & Parents are saying…

“As a parent of a teen who is a high performance athlete, I see how important mental health training enhances my child’s experience and growth as an athlete and member of a team. Now more than ever it is important that parents and coaches know how to support their teen during the ups and downs of their sport’s career and goals. By incorporating mental performance training into my teens schedule, I have noticed a huge improvement in their mood, performance and ability to bounce back from setbacks”

“My teen is a pre-professional competitive dancer who is training at a high performance level. During her season she experienced a major setback and she needed support to overcome fears and develop a new plan for her goals. Mindset training, visualisation and hypnotherapy really helped to get through her fears and blocks.

Let’s work together to support the mental health and well-being of your athlete. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a balanced and fulfilling athletic experience.

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